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  • Jennifer N. Simpson

Dr. Kimberly Jackson's Journey from Medicine to Authorship & Overcoming Life's Challenges

Meet Dr. Kimberly Jackson, a seasoned family medicine physician, entrepreneur, CEO of Physicians Working Together, and founder of National Physicians Week. Beyond her impressive medical career, Dr. Jackson ventures into the literary world with her debut book with the accompanying journal, "The Sun Is Rising: 10 Strategies to Get Unstuck, Find Your Voice, Walk In Your Purpose, Live Passionately, and Step Outside of Your Box."

In this video, she shares the transformative journey from physician to first-time author, revealing how writing became a powerful tool for self-discovery and healing. From overcoming trauma to embracing a life lived passionately and purposefully, Dr. Jackson's story is a testament to the strength within us all.

Ready to be inspired by her journey, relive the moments that shaped her, and see the big picture of life lived outside the box? Order your copy of the book and journal today and join us on a journey of inspiration, resilience, and purpose.

Also available on Amazon!

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